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Adelaide Gardening Tips - Types of Paving Materials

- Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wondering what paving material to use for your garden or patio? When it comes to landscaping, pavers can be expensive depending on the material and the size of the surface area that you intend to cover.

The paving material that you will choose also has an impact on the overall look and feel of your outdoor space, which is why it’s important to know what your options are. Here’s an overview of common paving materials available in the Adelaide area.


Made of split sedimentary rock, this stone comes in a variety of naturally earthy colours that vary according to the region they’re extracted from.
Its rough texture makes it nonslip, which makes it a great choice for areas that usually get wet.
Flagstones are also very low maintenance and durable making it a convenient stone to work with.


• Brick is the paving material most popularly used in residential landscaping and is usually 4 x 8 inches wide and 2 ¼ inches thick.
• Because of its small size, standard rectangular shape, and wide diversity of colours, brick allows the landscaper to be creative in terms of how it will be laid out.
• Bricks can last a long time if installed properly.

Outdoor Tile

• Popularly used in regions with warmer climates (making it ideal for Adelaide), tile these days come in a wide range of materials, including ceramic, concrete, stone, wood and terra cotta.
• There are a lot of designs and patterns to choose from as well, making outdoor tiles a very versatile choice.


• Reminiscent of the historic cities of Europe, cobblestone possesses an Old World charm.
• Originally, cobblestone streets were made with smooth stones found near flowing bodies of water.
• Today, cobblestones are often composed of granite. Durable but expensive, it is commonly used in garden paths or as an accent piece.


• Whether precast or poured, concrete is one of the most long-lasting and flexible materials available.
• Concrete is also relatively affordable and can be stained or stamped, providing no end of style and design options.

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