Artificial Turf & Instant Lawn

With a large number of garden & landscaping styles to choose from,
the professional team at Urban Creative Landscapes will help you design &
create the prefect landscape to suit your lifestyle & needs.

The Perfect Solution to Water Restrictions.

Thanks to new technology, manufacturers have finally been able to reproduce what Urban Creative Landscapes considers the perfect artificial lawn. While there are some cheaper artificial lawns available, Urban Creative Landscapes has chosen to use one brand made with the highest quality materials, supported by a ten year warranty.

With climate change accompanied by water restrictions, artificial turf is not the only solution, but an ideal one given it requires absolutely no watering or maintenance.

With artificial turf & carefully selected plants & drip irrigation system, your garden can retain that lush green look we all enjoy. The ideal solution to water restrictions and high water usage costs.

There's no need to stomp dirt through your new home while you're waiting for your grass to grow. Urban Creative Landscapes have natural premium grown instant turf ready to be laid in your garden.

Professionally laid instant turf will beautifully compliment your Water Features, exotic plants and formal gardens.

Urban Creative Landscapes can design, plan and present computer based layouts which show you step by step what your dream landscape will look like.

From start to finish Landscape Inspirations can completely transform
your new or existing garden into the landscape you have always wanted.

Artificial Turf, Instant Lawn Landscaping | Adelaide